Q3-10 Kickoff Video Script

Below is a sample of the creative writing i did for The SCOOTER Store. Once the script was completed i proceeded to shoot and edit the final video.

The A-Team

Q3-10 DRAFT Kick-Off Script


Scene opens with TV episode-style intro of the A-team:


Intro Scene:

The A-team members are in their hideout (aka Bill’s office).
BA: I’m tired of waitin’ around for the next mission. I wanna go change some lives now, fool!


Hannibal: Patience is a virtue, BA.


BA: growls.


Murdock: The videophone is ringing. And just in the nick of time. I thought BA was going to eat someone.


BA: Shut up, fool!


Video note: All four members gather around the videophone. Bill will be on the other end of the call.


On screen: Bill speaking through videophone.


Scene #1:

Bill: I’m trying to reach the A-team


Hannibal: Why do you want them?


Bill: I hear you guys are life changers. We have a lot in common, and I need your help…


Hannibal: Let’s say we are the A-team. What kind of help do you need?


Bill: It’s a long story, but here goes.

  • In Q2-09, we focused on aligning Managed Care’s organizational structure and process to E-I-E-I grow.
  • In Q3-09, we were all about smart growth and changing a life a minute. We expanded to a new building and started preparing for the NCB.
  • Q4-09 was about making the play, refining and adapting sales processes and general “all around fine tuning.”
  • In Q1-10, we focused on the fundamentals of sales. Every sales person underwent at least 6 hours of training.
  • We also challenged ourselves to make the most out of every NSO as well as controlling cost.
    • We identified ways to save $XXMM by the end of the quarter.
    • Over $X of that are recurring savings that we continue to see, enjoying the fruits of that labor to this day.
  • In the previous quarter, the business hit the gym to get fit, and I’d say judging by the last day of the Q2 that we are lean, mean life-changing machines!
  • Now, we are operating more efficiently, changing even more lives faster and better than before!
  • And we are ready to go huge; The one most important thing to do this quarter is to focus on our PSs and supporting them as they maximize Core quotes. For such a focused mission, I need the A-team.


Hannibal: All right, all right… So what you are saying is that you want us to do anything and everything we can to help your PSs succeed and carry the business to the biggest quarter ever?!? – can I SAY THAT?


Bill: Exactly I need to repeat what we did in Q2-09 when we focused on managed care. Except this time the group is even more targeted and specific. I think with everyone’s efforts supporting the PS teams we can have a great quarter! So, do you guys think you can help me out? I know you all have unique skills that you bring to your mission, our mission, of changing lives.


BA: That’s right, sucka!


Face: BA! Be nice!


BA: Sorry about that… fool!


Bill: Its ok BA…


Face: We’re always ready to provide freedom and independence to people with limited mobility.


Murdock: Here, here! in British accent


Video of character profiles of each team member.

In 1991 a crack commando team of liberators was formed in a secret hideout in a secret place far far away from here. With one mission in mind, providing freedom and independence, they look for others who shared the same mission to offer their assistance. If you need them, they will find you… they are the A-team”


Intro Scene introducing characters.

Opening shot:

Van on 35 traveling-

Van back doors swing open two characters pop out their heads.

Shot of Chris removing freedom eagle head with cigar in mouth – Chris Coryell as Hannibal

Shot of Heather – Removing aviator sunglasses and shooting the camera a look. Another shot would be Heather pulling off her disguise (moustache) Heather as “face”

Shot of Kim –  Singing opera. Manically driving a scooter – Christy as Murdoch

Shot of Shawna – Flexing  and showing off her PITY FOOL tattoos on her hands. Maybe picking someone up by the shirt and turns to smile at camera.


Scene #2


Bill: Great. I will leave this mission in your capable hands then. Keep me posted on your progress.


Hannibal: Will do.


Bill hangs up. Hannibal shuts off phone and turns to team.


Hannibal: (chewing on cigar) All right, guys, let’s talk plan of action here.


BA: I pity the fool who gets in our way!


Face: Now, now, BA, we’re talking strategy here first.


BA growls.


Hannibal: Face is right. Let’s start with paperwork. Nothing gets done in their line of work without paperwork. Their one goal this quarter is to change as many lives as they can and this is sure to help.

  • PSs need to get the paperwork back faster from doctors’ offices.
  • While the paperwork is with physicians, our beneficiaries are stuck at home and can’t do what they want when they want; that’s unacceptable.
  • Let’s start reporting daily on docs we’re getting back from those offices. **will this be a company wide reported number? Should we mention it in the sript – My understanding is that this would be internal to the sales folks.


Murdock: Roger that. But we also need to help our beneficiaries work with their doctors.


Hannibal: Right, right…


MurdockSince their one goal this quarter is to change as many lives as they can that means we also need to identify doctors in their areas who support power mobility assistance.

  • Some doctors don’t understand the value and importance of power mobility, but others do.
  • With technical support, we can access a database of physicians near our beneficiaries’ homes who will listen to their needs and prescribe the right mobility aides.
  • It’s up to us to give them alternatives.


BA: I hear that!


Face: Then we can switch focus back to our processes and internal relationships Their one goal this quarter is to change as many lives as they can.

  • We need to build a better relationship with our medical review team.
  • MR is flooded with files every single day; now that our PS teams are set, we can improve the efficiency of the review process and ensure our beneficiaries are being prescribed the right equipment.
  • Let’s cut the time between file going into MR and the file coming out to us.


Hannibal: We’re still missing a key element here.


Everyone turns to look at BA. BA growls.


BA: That’s right, sucka! It’s time to bring our personal best! Because when you bring you best you become the best. And when you become the best you change lives. And when you change lives you help people. And when you help people…


Murdoch: what my friend is trying to get to is that their one goal this quarter is to change as many lives as they can.

  • The mission can’t succeed without every single person doing their best; that means above and beyond your best so far.
  • For every PS, there are 20 employee-owners in the company behind you, encouraging you, supporting you, motivating you to keep going, to change as many lives as you can.
  • Everyone has to stay on track, and we’re gonna track it.
  • I pity the fool who doesn’t give it their all.


Hannibal: I love it when a plan comes together! Gear up. Let’s go.


The A-team packs up their tools of the trade and heads out to their van.


Final Scene: at the van


The A-team gathers by the van and huddles up.


Hannibal: Let’s divide and conquer this mission. As we get through each of the tasks we’ve laid out, we can help PSs maximize Core quotes this quarter.


Slide of Rock 1 revealed.


Hannibal: Bill called the right team. Let’s show them how it’s done.


Voiceover: If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire… The A-Team.


Logo unveiled.


Bonus structure???


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